Wardlow Recalls Jeff Hardy’s Reaction When He Used A Swanton Bomb In AEW

Ever since his Dynamite debut in November 2019, Wardlow has long been touted as one of the biggest and brightest prospects in all of AEW. Many comparisons have been made between the current AEW standout and champions of the past and present.


Speaking recently on the Superstar Crossover podcast, the Ohio native spoke about many of these comparisons, including now working with one of his childhood idols, Jeff Hardy.

"So the only one so — oh, so Jeff Hardy, that's another one I didn't mention", said Wardlow. "Here I am doing Swanton Bombs that I did millions of on trampolines throughout my life. So Jeff Hardy is the only one that I've had the opportunity to talk to and thank, and I'll share a cool little moment.

"After I did the Swanton against Lance Archer, I'm in the locker room and Jeff comes up, you know, gives me knuckles and goes, 'That was a nice Swanton. Very graceful' and I stood there with this smile on my face for about ten minutes, speechless. So to have Jeff Hardy compliment my Swanton Bomb was absolutely insane".


Mr. Mayhem would then continue to discuss some of his motivations and dreams in regard to his current feud, with his employer MJF.

"Dude, the thought of power bombing Max makes me drool. I obsess over it. I cannot wait to powerbomb that kid. I'm going to powerbomb him until my arms go numb", said Wardlow.

Wardlow faces MJF in just over two weeks' time, in Las Vegas, Nevada, at AEW's flagship pay-per-view Double or Nothing.

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit Superstar Crossover with an h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.