Will Ospreay Confirms He Is Not On Good Terms With Kenny Omega

New Japan Pro Wrestling's Will Ospreay is not on good speaking terms with former AEW World Champion Kenny Omega.

The British wrestler recently spoke with the "WRESTHINGS" podcast about his career in the wrestling industry from working his way up the independent scene to becoming a top star in Japan. It was in New Japan where he came across Omega and the two men have never been particularly close, despite being two of the top talents in the company.


They have openly gone back and forth on Twitter in the past, with Omega taking a shot at New Japan Pro Wrestling's momentum since he left the company and Ospreay became one of the top names. This was something that started because of the PWI 500, where Omega took first place and Ospreay found himself ranked seventh.

"We're just not on good terms right now, I just want to leave it," Ospreay said. "It's just, when you leave the building, and when you leave New Japan and you pull me to one side and say, 'Hey man, you need to step up for this company, I believe in you,' all this and gas you up, and they gas you up hard. You put your heart and f*cking soul into trying to make this because the bar was high for both myself and Jay, the bar was high, and once again, I actually care.


"I want the fans to watch New Japan Wrestling and be like, 'This is f*cking professional wrestling,' and I am f*cking doing it and destroying my f*cking body to do it, and then you cut me off online, what type of a c**t is that? Do you know what I mean? Like, I look at you and I actually hold you in f*cking high regards, like actual high regards and I respect everything that you've done. Even when you've done that f*cking barbed wire exploding match and it f*cking went to shit, I actually was the type of guy that went out and said, 'Oh, I hope they are alright,' because the bombardment of tweets that you get, I was probably the only guy that f*cking did that.

"Instead, the way that you retaliate is by burying me to your f*cking sh*tty little fans, it's just like, I am literally doing my f*cking best. So, that's kind of why like me and Kenny just don't get along it's just one of those things, I am sure he's got something else to say, and whatever."

Ospreay has previously claimed that he would embarrass Omega if they got into the ring together, which is something that fans are hoping to see at some point. Of course, AEW and New Japan Pro Wrestling are running an event together in the near future with the Forbidden Door show, but it is unlikely this match will take place. Omega is currently on the shelf with several injuries, while Ospreay is dealing with a kidney infection right now.


"I prefer him to just stay away from me at this point because it's not even like funny to me," Ospreay said. "Honestly, you can destroy guys like that, it's just like you were the literal guy saying this, and now you're saying that. I don't like two-faced people, be real, just be real and that's all I ask for."

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