Bryan Danielson Reveals His Ideal Number Of Matches Per Month

As a twenty-three-year veteran of the squared circle, Bryan Danielson has seen and done it all, including getting choked out by Jake Hager in Anarchy in the Arena match this past weekend. Thus, the AEW star knows exactly what he needs to stay at the top of his game, and how many matches per month keep him competing at the highest level.


In an interview with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated that took place before AEW "Double or Nothing" this weekend, Danielson revealed just how many matches he wishes to wrestle in a given month.

"I actually feel I'm at my best when I wrestle about 10 matches a month," Danielson said. "When I do only a match a week, I see the difference. I'll ask myself, 'Why didn't I do this?' Or I'll see something wasn't as sharp as it used to be. I'm also lucky to wrestle once a week. That's great for family life. But I'm a little bit of a perfectionist, so I'm not sure it's great for wrestling technique. When I watch my stuff back and critique myself, I'm hard on myself and want to make sure everything is sharp."


As Danielson noted, his schedule in AEW does make it difficult to get in those ten matches a month, and to date, he has yet to reach that goal in the promotion. According to the wrestling database site Cagematch, since joining AEW in September of 2021, Danielson has worked no more than seven matches in a month, and in total has worked 34 matches for AEW to date (17 in 2021, 17 so far in 2022).

It should also be noted however that Danielson hadn't wrestled in ten matches during a month during his last year with WWE, where he worked as Daniel Bryan. The last time Danielson worked 10 matches or more in a given month was in November of 2019 when he wrestled 11 matches while working on WWE's Smackdown brand.