Christian Cage Mentions Luke Perry’s Death, Marko Stunt During AEW Dynamite

Tonight's episode of AEW "Dynamite" featured a segment where Christian Cage came down to the ring to speak with Tony Schiavone about his actions the week prior.

As noted, Cage turned heel and attacked Jungle Boy last Wednesday on "Dynamite" by hitting the young star with a Killswitch finisher and a brutal ConChairTo. Jungle Boy was stretchered to the back following "Dynamite" as Cage berated Jungle Boy's mother at ringside.

Cage explained that there were a couple of reasons why he turned on Jungle Boy, the first being how he eliminated him from the Casino Battle Royal at Double or Nothing last year. He says due to that loss, he missed out on a big bonus and a fast path to the AEW World Title. He goes on to explain that it may be a petty way of seeing things, but what is even pettier is how mad it made him to hear the loud cheers when Jungle Boy eliminated him. He exclaims that he is a legend and deserves to be treated as such.

Cage scoffs at the people who thought he was there to help out the company and the younger generation of talent. No, he just wanted lots of money and to be at the top where he thinks he deserves to be. He believes that Jungle Boy will never have that killer instinct and that's the main reason Jurassic Express lost the Tag Titles against The Young Bucks.

Schiavone then drew attention to the confrontation Cage had with Jungle Boy's mom at ringside where the two berated one another. The former World Heavyweight Champion claims it's because his mom might have the hots for him. He knows he was like a father figure to Jungle Boy and his mom might want him as his new father, but he already had a father. And his father, Luke Perry, is dead.

Perry legitimately suffered a stroke in 2019 caused by a blood clot blocking a blood vessel and preventing blood and oxygen from getting to his brain properly. He passed away at 52-years-old.

Tired of hearing Cage run his mouth, Luchasaurus ran down to the ring and started overpowering Cage in the corner while he still had a hold of the microphone. It was difficult to make out everything Cage was saying, but he clearly asks at one point, "Remember what happened to Marko [Stunt]?" Then Cage kept reassuring Luchasaurus that he was like a son to him and gave him a hug before they walked out of the ring together.

Stunt, a previous fixture of Jurassic Express, received a phone call from Christopher Daniels back in March where he was informed that the company would not be renewing his contract. Budget cuts and a large, ever-growing roster were cited as two reasons his contract was not renewed at the time.