Jurassic Express lost a brutal and bloody ladder match, along with their AEW World Tag Team Championships, but it might’ve been what happened after the main event that had the most impact on Jungle Boy’s young career.

After the match, Jungle Boy was attacked by longtime mentor Christian Cage. Cage delivered his signature Con-chair-to on the young star, which left fans shocked and stunned.

According to Wrestling Inc. reader Dustin Holland, after the cameras stopped rolling, Jungle Boy was rolled to the ring apron and placed on a stretcher. Holland noted that there was blood coming from either his head or his face, and the crowd looked distressed, “We were standing there like, is this real?”

While Jungle Boy was being attended to, Cage got in the face of Jungle Boy’s mother and sister, who were watching at ringside. Seen on the international Fite TV broadcast, Cage is seen shouting “he’s going to be eating birthday cake through a straw,” leading to speculation that Jungle Boy’s injury is all part of a story. “He’s a piece of s–t,” Christian continued to berate Jungle Boy’s family, “you raised a piece of s–t.”

The report from Holland also notes that Tony Khan looked visibly distressed, and also apologized to the audience for what happened during his pre-Rampage speech to the crowd, once again leaving audience members unsure as to the gravity of the situation.

If this is a story, someone in AEW should knock wood as soon as possible. The company has been plagued with injuries, like much of the wrestling industry. AEW Champion CM Punk is recovering from foot surgery, AEW TNT Champion Scorpio Sky is dealing with a leg injury, Adam Cole is recovering from injuries, and Bryan Danielson’s condition is still undetermined ahead of AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door. 

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