CM Punk Confronted MJF Off-Air Following AEW Dynamite Promo

CM Punk pursued MJF after the reportedly frustrated star delivered his own rendition of a pipebomb promo on the June 1 episode of "AEW Dynamite."

MJF left no stone unturned as he went out to express his frustrations in front of a raucous house at the Kia Forum in Los Angeles. The young AEW star delivered a firey promo that spoke to his own star power and disparaged AEW President Tony Khan. The segment ended with Friedman getting bleeped by the censors as he spewed profanities, the feed cut to black and went to commercial shortly after.

Twitter user @FadeAwayLeBron captured an off-air segment that occurred during the post-promo commercial break where Punk came out to seemingly speak with MJF. Friedman abruptly left the ring and made an exit through the crowd.

Following "Dynamite", Dave Meltzer speculated during Wrestling Observer Radio that this could be setting up a match between Punk and MJF at AEW ALL OUT. There's several ways that this could make sense as Punk and MJF just recently finished an over six-month program with one another. With Punk being the new flag bearer for AEW as champion, it would only seem fitting that he'd come out to defend the AEW letters in a leadership fashion.

During his promo, MJF did bring up the money he wasn't being paid in comparison to ex-WWE guys, like CM Punk, and implied that Khan was infatuated with former talent that worked for Vince McMahon. It was in AEW where MJF scratched and clawed his own way to stardom only to be paid less than what certain talent gets. He said Khan should be sitting behind the guardrail with fans before telling his boss to fire him. MJF leaning into the shoot aspects of his situation and then airing those grievances for all of network television to see created a great deal of talk from fans and colleagues alike.