Dana Brooke Defeats Top WWE Star In 24/7 Title Match On Raw

Since Becky Lynch hasn't found a way to defeat Bianca Belair for the Raw Women's Title, she diverted her attention to a new title on tonight's "Raw".

A normal singles match between Dana Brooke and Lynch quickly became chaotic when the 24/7 Champion Akira Tozawa was evading superstars from the back and slid inside the ring. That's when Dana Brooke secured him in a pinning maneuver and became the 24/7 Champion once again.


Lynch was infuriated about the interference and exclaimed that the only person winning titles in her matches going forward is her. This was in reference to Belair snagging a win over Asuka and Lynch last night at "Hell in a Cell" by tossing Lynch out of the ring and getting the 1-2-3 on 'The Empress of Tomorrow'.

Lynch made it clear that if anyone interfered in the 24/7 title match between her and Brooke, she would "smash their face in". The bell eventually rang and the two women began going at one another, but a few minutes into the match, Asuka emerged from the back and started taunting Lynch.

Though Lynch was the obvious favorite due to her multiple reigns as Women's Champion, Brooke ended up getting the pinfall victory due to some help from Asuka. She held down Lynch's leg to give Brooke extra leverage during the pin.


It looks as though the longtime feud between Lynch and Asuka is far from over.

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