Dax Harwood Congratulates Owen Hart Cup Winner

Dax Harwood sure wishes he was the winner of the Owen Hart Foundation Tournament, but game respects game. Harwood took to Twitter to congratulate the Women's Cup Winner, Dr. Britt Baker DMD who defeated Ruby Soho in the finals at AEW Double or Nothing.


"I'm so proud of the performer this girl has become," Dax wrote. "I don't know too many people who work as hard as she does to be great. Also, I guess she's a pretty cool human being too. Congrats on the Owen! Should've been me & you though."

Baker had a wild road to the winner's circle as she first qualified against Danielle Kamela before fighting the Joker of the women's bracket in Maka Itoh. Itoh was a former ally of Baker, but the two (literally) went head-to-head in their match before Baker submitted the Joshi star. Baker then met Toni Storm in the semi-finals of the tournament after Storm defeated another Baker ally, Jamie Hayter. Baker advanced to the finals with a win over Storm, by the skin of her DMD teeth, setting the stage for her match against Soho.


As for Harwood, his time in the men's bracket was very memorable as he became a fan favorite to go the distance early on. Harwood first went up against his co-ROH Tag Team Champion, Cash Wheeler, in what many considered to be the match of the entire tournament. The bout kicked off the episode of "AEW Dynamite" in Philadelphia and the two partners paid homage to several Bret and Owen Hart matches throughout.

"That's one thing we wanted to do also, was not over do it," Cash said recently. "So if you look back at it, the only two things we really did was, I teased the foot scrape like Owen did to Bret [Hart]. That was directly an homage to that match [Owen vs. Bret at WrestleMania 10]. And then the Victory Roll Reversal where he almost won."

Harwood got the pinfall victory and had to face the future winner of the men's bracket, Adam Cole. Harwood showed plenty of fighting spirit in the contest, but Cole ended up securing a submission victory against his former NXT colleague.