Wrestling and dancing typically require years of practice to perfect.

The Miz likes to refer to himself as the only two-time Grand-Slam Champion in WWE history, winning both the WWE and United States Championships two times, and both the Intercontinental and Tag Team Championships eight times, respectively. The Miz cashed in Money in the Bank both times he became WWE Champion, once in 2010 and once in 2021, with the second time around having won the briefcase from original winner Otis at “Hell in a Cell” 2020.

Miz also has his own reality series known as “Miz & Mrs.“, which stars him and his wife and former two-time WWE Divas Champion, Maryse, as they make their way through life with their parents and two little girls. Elsewhere in reality TV land, Miz took part in Season 30 of “Dancing with the Stars.” Other wrestlers who were WWE Superstars at the time were also on “Dancing with the Stars,” including Nikki Bella and Chris Jericho. While on “Death, Taxes, and Bananas”, Miz discussed his experience on “Dancing with the Stars.”

“That was such a hard show to do,” Miz said. “Yeah it’s fun, it’s exciting, yeah, it’s fun but I’m competitive, and I don’t want to look like an idiot when I’m doing this dancing and then all of a sudden, on top of that, like, the people they have me competing against are like trained dancers. Like not the pros, I’m talking the stars are trained, professional dancers.

“… The collection of work that I was able to compile for that… I sometimes see the dance and I go, ‘Oh wow, that was really good.”

Right before Miz went on “Dancing with the Stars,” he turned on his then-tag team partner, John Morrison. During his tenure on the reality show, John Morrison was released from WWE, meaning that the former tag team champions never had a chance at a blow-off match. John Morrison recently debuted in AEW under the name Johnny Elite, where he has wrestled on TV twice and lost both times, once to Samoa Joe and once to a returning Miro.

The Miz was recently involved in Theory and Mustafa Ali’s feud over the United States Championship, helping Theory avoid defending his championship against the Chicago Native. Ali finally got a fair shot at the title at “Hell in a Cell” on June 5 in his hometown but failed to win after Theory hit Ali with the A-Town Down.

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