Harry Smith Comments On His Pro Wrestling Future

Things may not have gone to plan for Harry Smith during his WWE return last year, but he believes that he's "doing some really good stuff with the NWA" right now.

Smith told "Straight Talk Wrestling" that he hopes to "stick with" NWA right now, but he is also "really training hard" in a variety of different ways right now as he explores all of his options. The former Hart Dynasty star has had a successful career in the pro wrestling business, having previously held the WWE Tag Team Championship alongside Tyson Kidd.


Since his original WWE run, he has gone on to thrive in Japan and around America, having worked with MLW, but his focus now is on "winning some World Championships."

"But I would like to compete again in grappling, and keep training with my MMA because it's just making me better in the ring ... I've got my eyes set on some NWA gold ... and maybe do a mixed martial arts fight as well," Smith said.

During Smith's career he has been able to work with New Japan Pro Wrestling and Pro Wrestling NOAH, and now that the latter is "really coming back" he thinks returning to work for them "may be an option." He has also been involved with Josh Barnett's Bloodsport events in the past as well, and that is why he is "going to be researching" GLEAT.


"I would also like to go to Japan again at some point, that's not my main focus, but that's where the goal is to go next," he said. "I've seen Pro Wrestling NOAH has been doing some really great stuff lately. I heard Kiyoshi Tamura is starting a new sort of like a shoot-wrestling company called GLEAT over in Japan that Josh Barnett is going to be a part of, so I am definitely very interested in that as well."

In July of 2021, Smith randomly returned to WWE during a dark match and then had an interview on their YouTube channel that seemingly hinted at another run. He was officially signed to the company, but he never ended up appearing on television and was then cut in November of last year. Despite that, he has refused to close the door on his WWE career, and insists it has "got to be the right timing."

"If there's an opportunity to go back to WWE, if there's an actual direction for me I think that there's still definitely some mileage and some great stuff that they can do with me there and I would like to," he said.

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