Jeff Jarrett Describes Reuniting With Vince McMahon After 19 Years

Jeff Jarrett is currently Senior Vice President of Live Events in WWE, but it was just over four years ago when Double J would have never even fathomed being back in the WWE fold.

The WWE Hall of Famer sat down with Steve Austin for the latest "Broken Skull Sessions" which premiered immediately after Hell in a Cell on Sunday. So many topics were covered including Austin's relationship with Jarrett, Jarrett's wrestling family lineage, and his battle against addiction. Jarrett started that battle on October 25, 2017, and it wasn't long after before he got the invite to go into the WWE Hall of Fame.


"It's so bizarre because obviously, the wellness program, Road Dogg was there for me," Jarrett told Austin. "He's been sober about ten years. Road Dogg and [Jeff's wife] Karen, and it was in the wellness program and so, 56 days, I stayed. I came home four days for Christmas, New Year's, and it's the first Sunday of 2018, and long story short is, that day, I was notified, 'Hey, you want to go in the Hall of Fame?' I walked down and Karen's putting on her makeup. I said, 'Hey, they want me to go to the Hall of Fame.' She just looked over (I won't say what she said), but anyway, yeah, it was kind of crazy after all those years."

Jarrett reflected on the Good Housekeeping match, his move to WCW, and then starting up TNA as moments on his wild journey prior to the Hall of Fame induction. Jarrett notes his personal relationship with Vince McMahon was okay despite that. Austin asked Jarrett what it was like first seeing McMahon again in person, which occurred during the Hall of Fame rehearsals.


"Vince is out there with his headset. He's doing walkthroughs and rehearsals and all this, and he leaves the stage. And I'm backstage being called out so I was just going to do whatever, and he walked up behind me, and we turned around and seen each other for the first time in person since Cleveland.

"So, it was 19 years, yeah, 19 years, and man, we just hugged each other and he just said, 'Welcome back.' Those are two words that you go, 'I don't think I ever expected that.' But yeah, so we reconnected, and yeah, Vince is Vince. It was really cool."