It has now been over a month since Mia Yim returned to Impact Wrestling at their Under Siege event, following her departure from WWE late in 2021. And some fans are still confused by this move, wondering why Yim chose to return to Impact instead of going to AEW to join her husband, Keith Lee.

In an interview with Metro, Yim revealed why she made the choice that she did and the philosophy she and Lee have when it comes to working together, or working apart.

“Ever since we started dating, it was like ‘I never wanted to take his moves,'” Yim said. “We never wanted to be a tag team, we wanted to be our own separate brands. Sometimes we’ll do mixed tags or whatever and do things together, but we didn’t wanna be known just for that. We established very early on that we were our own brand, we didn’t have to always stay together.

“I always get asked ‘Why didn’t you go with Keith?’ It’s like, because I’m my own person and I wanna do what I wanna do, you know? So, as long as we support each other with whatever it is, we don’t always have to be together! Nothing bad to say about AEW but I’m just like ‘Babe, that is your realm, go and kill it over there. That is your home.’ He was super supportive of me going back to IMPACT.”

As for why fans, particularly those on the internet, have made a big deal about the two not working together in the same company, Yim believes it’s because of one specific reason.

“I feel that the internet, they want drama, they want the tea and they want to see people be messy!” Yim said. “Everybody, especially in wrestling – it’s like high school, so there’s always gonna be drama. But I’m 33 now, I’m too old for that.”

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