MJF can certainly put his money where his mouth is after “AEW Dynamite” this past Wednesday. Maxwell Friedman talking got the wrestling world buzzing after his eight-minute long tirade against AEW and its president Tony Khan. In the promo, MJF stated that his weekly segments were the second-highest ratings draw in all of the company and after this week, he’s got further statistics to back that up.

Wrestlenomics was able to obtain the minute-by-minute numbers for the 6/1 episode of “Dynamite.” MJF’s promo happened to fall in between the second and third quarter-hour of the program. It was a tale of two quarters as QH2 was the highest overall rated quarter-hour for the show while QH3 was the lowest. That being said, the MJF promo occurred six minutes into the QH2 window and two minutes in QH3 with the segment starting at 8:24 PM ET and ending at 8:32 PM ET.

The six highest rated minutes for the cherished 18-49 demographic occurred during MJF’s pipebomb and the peak rating for that demo occurred at 8:27 PM ET, smack dab in the middle of the MJF airing of grievances. That minute roped in 667,000 viewers (0.51 P18-49 rating). 8:27 PM ET also happened to be the highest total viewership for the segment with 1,123,000.

Total viewership showed its highest ratings peak at the beginning of the program with 1,243,000. But that’s typically due to “Dynamite” having “The Big Bang Theory” as its lead-in at 7:30 PM ET.

After the MJF promo ended is when “Dynamite” started to see a decline. The ad break right after the segment was the program’s lowest point in total viewership, 731,000 viewers, and in 18-49 demographic, 376,000 viewers. However, there was a boost during Miro’s return against Johnny Elite as the audience ramped back up to 953,000 in total viewership and 539,000 in the demographic.

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