Ronda Rousey recently said that the WWE women’s locker room was “sunshine and lollipops,” on an episode of “The Kurt Angle Show.” While those comments seemed fairly innocuous, apparently her assessment of the locker room has ruffled some feathers.

Natalya’s “assistant” Bob took to social media to throw some serious shade at the WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion.

“Funny that Ms. Rousey describes the women’s locker room as cupcakes and other things,” the tweet reads. “Ronda wouldn’t know the first thing about the locker room, as she never leaves her private bus. But if she did, she’d actually see that everyone in there secretly hate each other.”


Natalya then took to social media to refute her “assistant’s” post. “Bob, you moron!” Natalya scolded, “Haven’t you been paying attention the last few years!? We all, in fact, do love each other! We kiss kittens/puppies, braid each others hair and use Poo-Pourrie in the locker room,” Natalya tweeted, along with a photo of the Poo-Pourrie bathroom spray that she mentioned.

Natalya finished the tweet with a brutal verbal snipe at Rousey, saying Rousey is “welcome to change with us at least once before she leaves again,” referring to Ronda Rousey’s hiatus after losing the WWE Raw Women’s Championship in the main event of WrestleMania 35. Following the big event Rousey took time off to start a family with her husband, the couple had a baby girl in September of last year. Rousey returned to WWE in January when she won the Women’s Royal Rumble in St. Louis.

Natalya is scheduled to wrestle Rousey for the WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship on July 2nd at WWE Money In The Bank in Las Vegas, NV, after winning a six-pack challenge on the June 3rd edition of “WWE Smackdown.” Natalya was recently praised by her uncle Bret Hart, who called her “A pioneer” in an interview with Bill Apter for Sportskeeda. “She’s breaking new ground every day.”

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