You would think after a movie has been made based on your life that it can’t get any better than that. But then you could be Paige, the former WWE Divas Champion, who not only got the movie but has now gotten to be a clue in the famous New York Times crossword puzzle.

Paige learned about the distinct honor earlier on Thursday, when a fan posted a screenshot of her name in the crossword and the clue confirming it was related to the two-time Divas Champion. Needless to say, Paige was very pleased with the development.

“MUM I’M FAMOUS!” Paige tweeted.

As noted, Paige can add this to the list of her accomplishments, including “Fighting With My Family” the film starring Florence Pugh as Paige that chronicled her journey from a young wrestler in the UK to becoming a WWE star. No word yet on what accomplishment Paige values more.

It’s been a while since fans have seen Paige, who many will remember was forced to retire from wrestling several years ago due to a recurring neck injury. Since then she has become a hot commodity on Twitch, though she has also hinted several times about making a potential return to the ring. Her most recent tease was a little less than a month ago when she asked a fan to imagine a return to the ring when responding to a tweet.

If Paige does make a return to wrestling, where it will be is unclear. Based on statements she has made in the past it looks like her contract with WWE is set to expire sometime during this month. The exact date the contract will expire was not given. If true, barring a contract extension, Paige would hit the open market as a free agent. She has not commented on her impending free agency or if she’s signed an extension with WWE.

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