Former two-time NXT Tag Team Champion Nash Carter (Zachary Wentz) was the subject of an impassioned promo delivered by his former MSK tag team partner, Wes Lee, during Tuesday’s episode of “NXT 2.0.”

Lee spoke of his rollercoaster journey in WWE, and how he went from experiencing the “highest of highs” to the “lowest to lows” in a matter of days following Carter’s release in April. Lee was making a reference to the fact that MSK had captured the NXT Tag Team Titles just six days prior to Carter’s release, which immediately put in doubt his own future with the company.

Lee mentioned how he was riding high “with my best friend and my brother just to have our world explode right from under our feet.”

At this point, he burst into tears, which he admittedly wears proudly.

“While my world had crumbled beneath my feet and I was sifting through the rubble trying to find myself, all I could find was pain and anger,” Lee said in an emotional promo. “And it consumed me to a point where I wasn’t acting like myself, for which I apologize.”

Just as Lee spoke about trying to stand on his own two feet and make a name for himself, he would be interrupted by Trick Williams, as seen in the clip below. Williams would also make several references to Carter, claiming that Lee wasn’t there for “his boy” when he needed him the most. This led to an irate Lee pointing out how Williams was nothing more than a sidekick to NXT North American Champion Carmelo Hayes.

It would appear that the confrontation was done to set up a future match between Williams and Lee. This would also be Williams’ first solo feud in NXT, but odds are Hayes will get involved at some point.

As noted earlier, Carter returned to in-ring action at a Circle 6 event in Los Angeles last weekend. Going by his old IMPACT Wrestling name of Zachary Wentz, he defeated Atticus Cogar in a No DQ match. After the match, it was announced that Wentz would reunite with his former Rascalz teammate Trey Miguel and MLW star Myron Reed at a future Circle 6 event.

Carter was released by WWE following social media posts made by his estranged wife Kimber Lee, who alleged that Carter physically and emotionally abused her during their marriage. Lee also tweeted a photo of Carter doing what appeared to be a Nazi salute, while sporting a mustache similar to Adolf Hitler. Although Carter was kept on NXT TV despite Lee’s abuse allegations, he was released quickly after the Hitler photo surfaced on social media. Last month, Carter issued an apology for the Hitler photo, stating he was ashamed of his behavior. You can read the full apology statement here.

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