Scarlett Bordeaux’s MLW In-Ring Debut Announced

Major League Wrestling has announced that Scarlett Bordeaux will be wrestling at their upcoming Battle Riot IV event in Queens, NY. Bordeaux's MLW in-ring debut will see her take on Clara Carreras.


Bordeaux's husband Killer Kross was already announced as a participant in MLW's signature Battle Riot match. While Kross has made various appearances in MLW, the match will be Bordeaux's first for the company. The match will also be the MLW debut for Carreras.

Wrestling since 2012, Bordeaux grabbed fans' attention during her time in IMPACT Wrestling, where she would wrestle both men and women. She and her husband also made waves on the independent scene in companies like AAW and WrestlePro. They were both signed by WWE in November of 2019 and Kross went on to become a WWE NXT Champion, while Scarlett, outside of a rare dark match before TV tapings, was seemingly relegated to Kross's manager.


Bordeaux recently talked about her frustrations with her and Kross's transition to the main roster, saying "fans didn't really get to see what we were doing in NXT on the main roster," and mentioning how the duo wanted to feud with Alexa Bliss and "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt.

Scarlett and Kross were both released on November 4th, 2021, and both have returned to the independent scene where they made their names. Scarlett has mainly wrestled for WrestlePro since returning to the indies. In an interview last month, the couple noted to Wrestling Inc. that they're not struggling financially since being released, with Kross saying they are "making the same as a WWE Main Roster salary."