Fans of a bygone era of WWE will fondly look back at the pairing of Ted Dibiase and Virgil, which was one of the most popular acts during the 1980s/early 1990s WWE. The pairing’s popularity would briefly soar further when Virgil finally turned on Dibiase in 1991. The two also later reunited in WCW, as members of the nWo. These days, however, there appears to be no love lost between the two.

In a tweet earlier on Friday afternoon, Virgil posted a screenshot of an article discussing Dibiase receiving over $2 million in welfare from a religious nonprofit (note the article is from 2020), and then went on a tirade about his former teammate, as well as his own situation.

“I’m sitting here hurting hustling my ass off and this guy doesn’t even bother fucking call me asking me how I am,” Virgil tweeted about Dibiase. “I try to do my best and get laughed at all these years later yet I am the one who has to do my best to make a buck to help with my problems. What a life.”

Fans will remember that Virgil has been going through a tough time in 2022, revealing he had suffered what was described as two massive strokes. He has also recently been diagnosed with dementia and stage 2 colon cancer. In a follow-up tweet, Virgil posted a link to where fans could donate to help him.

“All I ask for is a little bit of help as the one thing I could do is being taken away from me,” Virgil tweeted.

While not stated outright, Virgil’s frustrations with his situation and with Dibiase may stem from recent controversy surrounding the WWE Hall of Famer. Dibiase and his sons, Brett and former WWE star Ted Dibiase Jr., have been embroiled in a welfare fraud case in Mississippi, where they and 38 other parties are being sued. Mississippi had previously ordered the Dibiase family to pay back millions of misappropriated funds in October of 2021.

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