WWE HOFer Recreates John Cena's WWE Debut With His Daughter

The wrestling world has been paying tribute this month to John Cena's WWE debut, which took place 20 years ago, and the man who was involved in that match has done the same in his own unique way.

It was Kurt Angle whom Cena first confronted in WWE, uttering the famous words "ruthless aggression" as he slapped the former Olympian before the two competed in a match. The opening promo from Angle and Cena's entrance has gone on to become an iconic WWE moment, and the WWE Hall Of Famer, who is currently recovering from a double knee surgery, has recreated it with his daughter.

Angle can be seen in the video cutting the classic promo that he originally did on a microphone before his young daughter comes out to slap him in the face.

Alongside the video, Angle provided the following caption: "First! let me explain about my kids, While other daughters want their daddys to play barbie dolls with them, mine asks to recreate their favorite daddy promo with me. Second! My daughter has a mean slap. So you can see why this one is her favorite. Third! They have been waiting for this one for a while, and of course I had to recreate the Ruthless Aggression Promo in daddy-Sophia style. Fourth! My neighbors probably think we are crazy."


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Cena returned to "WWE Raw" this week for a special celebration episode of the red brand that was all about his anniversary. He was heavily involved in the show throughout the night both in backstage segments and in the ring, where he thanked the fans for all their support over the years.

Videos were shown during the show episode of people that Cena has worked with throughout his career paying tribute to him, from Triple H and Stephanie McMahon to AEW stars such as Bryan Danielson and Chris Jericho, and of course, Angle was amongst them.