Alexa Bliss Labels Former WWE Star ‘Brilliant’

WWE superstar Alexa Bliss has called her time working with Bray Wyatt was "the most fun I've ever had in my entire career."

Bliss worked alongside Wyatt for a year, adapting to his Fiend gimmick and becoming a crucial part of his storylines, which included making appearances in the Firefly Funhouse. Bliss added plenty to his overall presentation, and when speaking on the "Out Of Character" podcast, she weighed in on what it was like to work alongside him. Bliss she had to "put twice as much thought" into her own character because of how Wyatt operated.

"He is so brilliant with his creativity, and he puts so much effort into his characters, so much research, it made me want to step my game up 100 percent," Bliss said. "When you step into someone else's kind of gimmick, you don't want to bring it down, you only want to elevate it. So I put in so much effort into that and protecting the character, and protecting when we did the Firefly Funhouse, and it was so fun."

The last time the two interacted was at WWE WrestleMania 37, when The Fiend was defeated by Randy Orton,  a storyline that Bliss was heavily involved in throughout. She ended up turning on Wyatt during that match to help Orton win, but there was never a true explanation or follow-through on that, as Wyatt hasn't been used on television since. WWE released him in July 2021 after 10 years with the company, and Bliss admitted, "It's very sad that we don't work together anymore, because it was so much fun, and I think the WWE Universe saw how much fun we were having."

Since their split, Bliss has been used sparingly on the main roster herself, first appearing with a new darker character that featured her doll, Lilly, which has the power to control her opponents. Afterward, she was taken off television for several months, and while she's continued dressing in the same way since her recent return, that's about the only part of the character left. Bliss does still bring Lilly to the ring, but the doll hasn't been involved in matches as she was before, and all the dark, supernatural elements appear to be gone.

Wyatt's name is one that has come up a lot recently after WWE debuted a new vignette at WWE's Money In The Bank — one that has people speculating he could be returning to the company. While the truth remains to be seen, it's been reported the video package is for Edge, instead.

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