Amanda Huber Addresses Allegations AEW Is Exploiting Negative One

Ever since the tragic death of Brodie Lee in December 2020, AEW has gone to great lengths to take care of his family, with his wife, Amanda Huber, serving as the company's Community Outreach Officer, while Lee's son, Brodie Lee Jr., aka Negative One, has been seen numerous times on AEW programming and even has his own action figure. But that hasn't stopped certain people from suggesting AEW isn't helping the Huber family as much as they are exploiting it.

Both Huber and Negative One were asked about those suggestions during a recent profile of Negative One by Men's Health Magazine, which drew a strong reaction from Huber.

"That's not it, either!" Huber said. "[AEW has handled our situation with] such grace and such kindness that I personally don't feel like they've exploited him, or taken advantage of us. Everything's always felt to me like it's done with nothing but love. I think people are skeptical and pessimistic and assume that it's a lot more sinister than it is.

"Again, everybody would have a different way of handling this," Huber continued. "I'm doing my best. I'm trying. There's a good chance I'm screwing something up along the way."

Huber noted that Negative One isn't earning a salary with AEW, though when he is 18 years old, he will gain access to an account filled with royalties that have been earned from t-shirt sales and other Negative One merchandise. For his part, the 10-year-old likes performing with AEW every once in a while, for two distinct reasons.

"I do it because I love it," Negative One said. "And my dad did it."

Negative One was last seen on AEW programming two weeks ago on "AEW Dynamite" when the show aired out of his father's hometown of Rochester, New York. He and the rest of the Dark Order were confronted by QT Marshall, who was laid out by Dark Order, giving Negative One the opportunity to pin Marshall. He declined, choosing to wait until he's 18 to do so.