Charlotte Flair Announces Non-WWE Related Business Endeavor

The last time fans saw Charlotte Flair, she was surrendering the "SmackDown" Women's Championship as Ronda Rousey forced her to scream the words "I quit!" at the WrestleMania Backlash premium live event on May 8. The humiliating moment — which WWE explained by saying Flair had been injured, explaining her absence from television — was a far cry from the glitz and glamour usually presented by "the Queen." However, Flair has now revealed a non-WWE-related business endeavor that goes hand-in-hand with her wrestling persona.

Flair — using her real given name, Ashley Fliehr — has partnered with jewelry designer Rockford Collection, becoming the face of the company's new "Eminence" promotion for brand-new unisex rings. The 36-year-old, who had a hand in creating the custom jewelry that retails for between $1,840 and $3,510, confirmed the new business venture on Twitter, stating, "Months of collaboration, dozens of designs, proud of this collection. Presenting: ASHLEY X ROCKFORD." The tweet also had an image of Flair embedded showing off one of the new rings.

Rockford Collection describes itself as the "home of the American Made, Men's Wedding Band," but it appears that the company could be shifting its focus after having Flair involved with their latest promotion. Recognizable names such as musician Ray J, actor Quincy, fashion designer LaQuan Smith, and rapper Ice T are all featured on the company website promoting the luxury items. Another notable name listed on Rockford Collections' website is Andrade El Idolo, the Mexican-born current AEW wrestler who Flair recently married. El Idolo is featured as one of the key celebrity endorsers on the site and promotes custom rings created by the luxury brand. Their relationship could potentially explain how Flair's partnership with the company came about.

Although Flair has yet to return to WWE programming, she is currently advertised to appear at a "WWE SmackDown" taping in Raleigh, NC on August 12, which could indicate that she's due to return to television in the coming weeks.