Did Raquel Rodriguez Know Liv Morgan Was Going To Cash In MITB?

WWE's Money In The Bank event saw a huge surprise take place, as Liv Morgan cashed in to become the new "WWE SmackDown" Women's Champion. Morgan's fellow MITB competitor, Raquel Rodriguez, has admitted she "had no idea" that it was going to happen.

The decision for Morgan to cash in on Ronda Rousey following Rousey's successful title defense against Natalya is one that caught everyone off guard, considering the former Riott Squad member had only captured the briefcase earlier that same night. Rodriquez wasn't aware of the situation until it happened — she told "The Zaslow Show" that she wanted to watch the original title match because "it affects me," which led to her catching the surprise.

"It was very shocking to see her cash in so immediately, I thought for sure Liv Morgan was going to wait maybe until this Friday to probably try to cash in or hold it off for another moment," she said. "But to see her go out there and to see her take that opportunity into her own hands, I was just very, very happy for her."

Morgan has received an outpouring of respect and praise from fans and peers since her championship victory, and Rodriguez became the latest to add her voice, saying "If anyone was deserving of winning, it was definitely Liv Morgan."

"She's been working her butt off, she's been in factions, and tags, and singles, and she's been with WWE for so long now too that this opportunity was the right time for her," Rodriguez said.

Morgan is now reportedly assigned to the blue brand internally, which makes sense considering the title she has won, meaning she's potentially set for an encounter with Rodriguez down the line.

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit "The Zaslow Show" with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.