Does Big E Have An Issue With Ridge Holland After Neck Injury?

For most people, a broken neck is something that would bring plenty of negativity, darkness, and general anger, but throughout his time on the shelf, the New Day's Big E has displayed nothing but positivity. The former WWE Champion sustained the injury on the March 11 episode of "WWE SmackDown," and has been providing fans with constant updates, when he has them, via his social media. These posts always seem to have a positive spin, but that isn't just a front, as he revealed to ESPN.

"Honestly, it hasn't been a dark period," Big E said. "I'm so thankful for all the people who checked in on me and reached out, who have concerns. I'm not saying I'm perfect. I'm not saying every day is the greatest ever for me. But I really haven't struggled with that type of stuff."

It was a Ridge Holland belly-to-belly suplex outside the ring that put Big E out of action, but despite that, Big E has no ill will towards the "WWE SmackDown" star for how things transpired.

"I have no issue whatsoever with Ridge," Big E said. "He's reached out and said some very kind things ... What we do is dangerous, and there are inherent dangers. And to that degree, we all kind of know what we sign up for, and it was unfortunate that it went down that way. But I'm not dead. I'm alive. I'm doing well."

When it comes to the latest on his recovery, Big E revealed some good news and some bad news earlier this month for the fans. The positive was that he feels great, and that surgery is off the table, which is something anyone with a neck injury is actively looking to avoid. Unfortunately, he also confirmed that his C1 isn't ossifying (forming bone), which is something that his doctors are keeping tabs on, and they will be looking at scans again around the one-year mark.

Considering the fact that scans will be getting checked around the anniversary of when he sustained the injury, it's clear that Big E is going to remain out of action for some time, which has been, and remains, a major blow to the WWE roster.