Former WWE Referee Criticizes Liv Morgan’s MITB Cash-In

WWE's Money In The Bank proved to be a huge night for Liv Morgan, as she not only captured the titular Money in the Bank briefcase in the women's ladder match, but successfully cashed it in later that night.

After Ronda Rousey successfully defended the "SmackDown" Women's Championship against Natalya, the former Riott Squad member made her way down to the ring to take advantage of Rousey's injured knee and win the title, which got a huge reaction from the WWE Universe β€” both live in Las Vegas and around the world on social media.

But while most have seen Morgan's win as a huge and deserving victory for an underrated talent, former WWE official Jimmy Korderas has picked out a detail that could have been done differently in order to make the moment make more sense.

"It was a nice surprise," Korderas said in his latest "Reffin Rant" on Twitter. "It got the huge pop it wanted, but is it the way a babyface should win a championship and cash in their Money In The Bank? That's the only issue I had. Yes, the crowd did love it, but at the same time, babyfaces don't do it that way. Maybe, if she came in and said to Ronda Rousey, 'I want to cash this in, are you ready?' And Ronda said, 'Okay,' and then do it, then you can make a case for that."

Korderas' concerns have frequently been invoked over the course of the long history of the Money in the Bank briefcase, which dates back to Wrestlemania 21 in 2005. The very nature of the briefcase, whose rules are custom-made for capitalizing on a weakened champion immediately after their match, as Morgan did, seems antithetical to the concept of a babyface. But Morgan, of course, is far from the first babyface to win a title this way β€” the first was current AEW World Champion CM Punk back in 20o8 β€” and she remains as beloved as ever, appearing on "WWE Raw" this week to celebrate with a passionate promo and team up with "Raw" Women's Champion Bianca Belair to defeat Natalya and Carmella.