Jeff Jarrett On His Intentions As WWE's SVP Of Live Events

Although Jeff Jarrett was smashing a guitar over the head of Effy at the turn of the year at GCW's Die 4 This event, the former Intercontinental Champion is now back working behind the scenes for WWE. The WWE Hall of Famer had initially left his backstage role in January 2021 in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic but has now returned in a prominent role as Senior Vice President of Live Events. Jarrett shared his excitement in taking up the role and detailed what is motivating him moving forward.

"Here's what I believe that drives me to this day, and why I'm so excited to be in the live event department is because promoting a show in 2022, I believe – I don't say radically – but it is different than it was even in 2019," Jarrett said on "After The Bell with Corey Graves". "... The presentation and the marketing and what drives live events, I don't want to say it's brand-new, but you asked, 'What kind of excites me? What is something I want to do?' Promoting a show today is different than it was in 2019, and so, I'm highly energized to get in there, roll up my sleeves, and keep on keeping on and try different things and be innovative. And at the end of the day, like all of us, create more revenue for WWE."

Jarrett noted that he was "grateful" that WWE wanted him back in the live events department after confirming his return to the company on his "My World" Podcast in May. Upon joining the company behind the scenes in January 2019, Jarrett worked as a producer. He would go on to become a writer on the creative team before being provided a role with the live events department. Timing was not on Jarrett's side, however, as the COVID-19 pandemic reduced his workload due to touring not being possible, which resulted in him amicably departing the organization.

WWE's live event schedule is currently back to normal pre-pandemic levels, with the "NXT" roster also penciled in for weekend live events until July 23, alongside their weekly televised shows. WWE recently revamped their main roster live event offerings by calling their Saturday shows "Saturday Night's Main Event" and Sunday shows "Sunday Stunner." Jarrett added that there will be a "wave" of live event marketing and engagement that will be done "in a new, cool way" on the horizon.

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