Jungle Boy shot from the hip while addressing Christian Cage on the 7/27 “AEW Dynamite” episode.

For weeks, Cage had said dastardly things on live television about the late Luke Perry, the father of Jungle Boy, Jeff Hardy’s issues with alcoholism, and even the late Brian Pillman.

This time, however, Cage was dealt a dose of his own medicine by his former protégé, Jungle Boy.

“Christian Cage, you’re the biggest p–sy I’ve ever met in my entire life,” Jungle Boy began in his fiery promo. “I’ve watched you come out here for weeks and talk all sorts of bulls–t about my entire family. And congratulations, by the way, you are now more relevant than you have ever been in your entire career. But as soon as I get back here, you tuck your tail and you run. You know, I didn’t really get it at first – what you’re so angry about. You said it’s because I threw you out of some battle royal more than a year ago. I guess you missed out on some bonus you would have got if you won that match, but for someone who has been wrestling as long as you have, that shouldn’t be that big of a deal, should it?

“But then, I thought a little more, and I realized why you needed that money so bad. You were strapped for cash because your wife had just divorced your b–ch ass.”

Just as Jungle Boy brought up Cage’s recent divorce, Cage appeared on screen with a retort. He noted how Luchasauras made a big mistake by going back to his old tag partner rather than continuing to learn under his mentorship.

“Your future was nothing else but main events and gold, but you threw it all away to remain Jungle Boy’s lapdog,” Christian told Luchasauras.

Christian then addressed running away from a returning Jungle Boy last week. The rest of the segment can be seen below.

AEW has yet to announce the date for the inevitable Jungle Boy vs. Christian Cage singles match.

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