Major Update On Seth Rollins And Riddle’s WWE SummerSlam Match

The biggest party of the summer will have to party on without one of the marque matches.

During today's episode of "WWE's The Bump," Kayla Braxton broke the news that Riddle is currently dealing with a brachial plexus injury. The injury occurred when Seth Rollins brutally attacked him on Monday Night Raw, leading to their WWE SummerSlam match having to be postponed. The injury was described by Braxton as "a really bad stinger that's resulted in some weakness," and Riddle is "medically disqualified" until he's strong enough to return.


The brutal attack by Rollins sent "WWE Raw" off the air last week, as Rollins hit Riddle with his patented Stomp on the arena floor and the ring steps. The show closed with Rollins laughing at an injured Riddle, with commentary stating "How will Riddle be ready for Saturday?"

The feud between Rollins and Riddle took place both on television and, supposedly, in real life, dating back to 2019 when Riddle's former wife body shammed several female WWE superstars on social media, including Rollins' wife, Becky Lynch. Riddle confirmed the disdain between the two in 2021, stating that he doesn't think they like each other and that they're just "two different people."

It's unclear at this time whether or not the Riddle injury is legitimate or part of a storyline, but it's hard to imagine a star as big as Rollins not having any involvement in SummerSlam this Saturday. This weekend's event is still set to feature eight matches, headlined by Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar in a Last Man Standing Match for both the WWE and Universal Championships, which Reigns unified by defeating Lesnar at WrestleMania 38. The card will also see both "Raw" and "SmackDown" Women's Champions defend their belts, and will include Logan Paul's first match since signing his WWE contract.