“WWE SmackDown” commentator Pat McAfee recently got to be part of WWE’s Money In The Bank and he claims to have called one of the best matches he has witnessed in person.

During the latest episode of “The Pat McAfee Show,” the former NFL star said that “it was a great night, interesting evening” when discussing WWE’s latest premium live event, where he had major praise for one particular contest.

Liv cashed in her Money In The Bank, dream come true, one of the biggest nights of all time. Bobby Lashley — new United States Champion. The Usos and Street Profits have maybe one of the best matches I’ve ever seen live,” he said. “Then Theory wins the Money In The Bank with a Nigerian Giant [ending] up going through our commentary table, and so many other hijinks and sh*t.”

While the show went off the air with Theory getting the victory in the main event, that wasn’t how things ended for those live in attendance. After the show ended, McAfee was involved in a physical segment as he was “swooped up by a scumbag” when Happy Corbin jumped him from behind.

“I am out there losing my bearings, I am getting wailed on with punches, oh, oh throws me over the barricade. I hit my head off the side of the commentary table that was blown up by Omos,” he said. “Got cuts on my head from that thing ’cause there’s some metal, obviously, where the bolts go. Literally, still bruised on my head right now, both sides.”

McAfee was shown later on in the night attending UFC 276 where he sat alongside Triple H, Stephanie, and Vince McMahon watching the show, where he had a neck brace on to sell the attack. Since then, WWE has confirmed that McAfee will be stepping back into the ring at WWE SummerSlam this month when he goes one on one with Corbin, giving him the chance to get revenge.

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit “The Pat McAfee Show” with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.

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