Paul Wight On Why Wardlow Will Never Hit Him With Three Powerbombs

Right now, Wardlow is on fire in professional wrestling as one of the top stars in AEW, and the idea of him facing a legend like Paul Wight is one that could provide huge momentum for him as a talent.

In an exclusive Wrestling Inc. interview with Nick Hausman, Wight admitted that "Wardlow is too hot for me right now," even though the current TNT Champion is someone that the World's Largest Athlete would be interested in competing against at some stage.

"Wardlow's on fire right now," he said. "You've got to pick and choose those battles, like, 'Hmm, I'm gonna wait till he cools off a little bit, then I can have a little fun with him.' I don't feel like taking that powerbomb and definitely not three of them. That's a no, brother."

Wardlow is well-known for his Powerbomb Symphony finisher, which sees him hit the move repeatedly against his opponent with the fans chanting along with each one. Nobody has received more consecutively in AEW than Wardlow's former mentor and rival MJF, but he has also been able to connect the move on much bigger opponents like William Morrissey.

There are few more physically imposing people in the business than Wight though, but he doesn't anticipate being on the receiving end of that move, stating, "I guarantee you he can't because my ass ain't doing it. How about that?"

Wardlow picked up arguably the biggest win of his career on the 7/6 episode of AEW "Dynamite" as the former Pinnacle star captured his first championship since joining the company. He defeated Scorpio Sky in a street fight despite distractions from American Top Team, kickstarting his reign as TNT Champion.

Meanwhile, Wight has only worked a limited number of matches since joining the company, having stepped inside the ring four times for AEW. His most notable match took place at AEW's All Out in 2021 against QT Marshall, with his other three encounters taking place on AEW "Dark: Elevation," but he has recently continued to tease that a run as Captain Insano remains in the works.

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