Sasha Banks Spotted Hanging Out With Injured WWE Star

Sasha Banks and Bayley are two of the biggest female professional wrestlers in the world, and it's no secret to fans that the two are best friends both inside and outside the ring.

This past weekend, the pair were spotted chatting with one another at a concert in Orlando. They were also photographed later, posing alongside their other friends.

The two may be close outside of the ring, but they have had their issues with one another onscreen. They formed the Boss N' Hug Connection back in July of 2018 but were broken up during that year's brand draft. They reformed the team near the end of 2019, but this time as heels and dubbed The Golden Role Models. They would be crowned the new Women's Tag Team Champions soon after, defeating Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose.

Banks also held the "Raw" Women's Championship while Bayley held the "Smackdown" Women's Championship. After they dropped the tag titles and Banks dropped her "Raw" Women's Championship, Bayley would turn on Banks and the two would feud with one another throughout 2020.

Banks has not been seen in WWE since she walked out of the May 16 edition of "Raw" alongside Naomi and reports claim she has since been released from the company. Meanwhile, Bayley has been out with an injury since July of last year after she tore her ACL while training in the Performance Center. The latest update regarding the former "Hugger" was that she is scheduled to be in town for SummerSlam weekend in Nashville, possibly hinting that she will make her on-screen return at WWE's second-largest Premium Live Event of the year.