The times they are a-changing, and Kevin Nash was told as much by his “Kliq” buddy, Shawn Michaels. On the second episode of  the “Kliq This” podcast, Nash talks to co-host Sean Oliver about the time he took a trip down to Orlando to see how the sausage is made in “NXT.”

“I went down and I watched NXT taping,” Nash said. “I said, ‘Slow it the f*ck down, right?’ … He just looks at me and goes, ‘It’s not the style anymore, you just have to accept that. The style is the style’ … He goes, ‘You go out there and f*cking do test of strength and people will walk the f*ck out of the arena.'”

Michaels has been the main man behind the scenes in “NXT” since the brand’s management shake-up in the wake of Triple H’s cardiac event. The Heartbreak Kid has had a small creative staff working with him, but he’s also well aware that the tide is turning more towards big moves.

“‘The fans want to see this, they want to see a spot-fest,'” Nash recalled Michaels telling him. “That’s great if that’s what the fans want. I particularly don’t.”

In comparison, Nash complimented the main event tag match of the July 11 “WWE Raw,” in which Theory and Seth Rollins teamed up against Bobby Lashley and Riddle.

“I thought the tag match that ended ‘Raw’ had psychology,” Nash said. “Yes, there was spots, but the first time Theory gets brought in, it’s a stiff f*ckin’ punch. Good facials, he goes to the body, gets … some body shots in. They f*ckin’ keep cutting the ring off, cutting the ring off, cutting the ring off, not letting Lashley get the tag and just working in and out, and Seth’s coming in, doing one or two things, boom. Tagging back out. Like the old Anderson brothers working the corner. And it’s just like, there we go. That’s tag psychology.”

Nash and Michaels have a long history together as a tag team — they were known as “Two Dudes With Attitude” back in the “New Generation” era of WWE and won the WWE World Tag Team Championship twice during Nash’s time as Michaels’ enforcer, Diesel.

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