Theory Reveals When He'll Cash In MITB, Title Match Set For WWE SummerSlam

Bobby Lashley has been one of the top stars in WWE since he resigned with the company in 2018 and has built up quite the repertoire since then, including winning the WWE Championship, Intercontinental Championship, and most recently, the United States Championship fresh off his win at Money In The Bank last Saturday. Now, his opponent for Summerslam has been revealed,

In the opening segment of tonight's episode of "Raw", the newly crowned titleholder was confronted by the Money In The Bank winner, Theory. Theory stated that he was informed backstage that he would be given his rematch for the title at "The Biggest Party of the Summer" after he lost at the premium live event last Saturday via submission.

Theory continued on to say that he plans to cash in his contract after the Last Man Standing match between Roman Reigns (c) and Brock Lesnar for the WWE Title. He said that the winner of the match should be prepared for him to cash in once the match comes to a conclusion and that he'll leave the event as the 'greatest champion in WWE history'.

Theory then tried to attack Lashley with his briefcase, but Lashley hit him with an elbow and a spinebuster, causing Theory to retreat from the ring ahead of their six-man tag team match later on the show.

Theory and Lashley have been feuding with one another since the beginning of June after Theory confronted Lashley on the "Raw" after the Hell In A Cell event. After Theory interrupted the All Mighty One, Lashley challenged for the title but Theory refused. The two men continued to go at it with one another for the remainder of the month before the title match was added to the Money In The Bank card, and now, to SummerSlam.