Fans of the popular HBO Max series “Peacemaker”, starring WWE legend John Cena, will be glad to discover that the second season has begun filming. Yes, we won’t have to wait much longer to see the characters dancing to “Do You Want To Taste It?” by the band Wig Wam at the start of each episode.

Bryan Alvarez from “F4WOnline” adds that it’s the main reason why Cena didn’t announce he would be at this month’s SummerSlam when he did his special 20-year anniversary “Raw” appearance. The new season of Peacemaker is scheduled to premiere sometime in 2023.

The first season of the show found major success on the HBO Max platform. The final episode set the record for the biggest single-day release for an HBO Max Original series when it debuted — and that wasn’t the first time Cena broke streaming records with content he had a major role in, as the film “Vacation Friends” became the most-watched original movie during its opening weekend on Hulu.

In an interview with “Games Radar” when “Peacemaker” first premiered, Cena described his favorite aspects of the story that the cast and show creator, James Gunn, are presenting.

“I never want to tell people how to feel or think when they watch something, but I really love the fact that it hits on a lot of stuff about what family means to us, searching for approval of others, how to live your life, and nature versus nurture and how we’re raised,” Cena said. “How the values we grew up in can change, and how difficult it is to unwire some stuff. There’s a bunch in there that is really gonna be good and fun to look at in the whole series.”

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