WWE Smackdown Interviewer Names Her Favorite Stars To Improvise With

Backstage interviews are a crucial part of WWE storytelling, and those who are in charge of asking the questions have a lot of responsibility in carving those segments out, including "WWE SmackDown's" Sarah Schreiber.

In an exclusive Wrestling Inc. interview with Nick Hausman, she admitted to loving it when the interviews end up being improvised, calling it her "favorite." Of course, to the untrained eye watching the product, fans would rarely know when an interview is off the cuff or when everything is planned out, and that is down to talent and chemistry with the talents she speaks to.

"With Becky Lynch and Kevin Owens, they're playful, and they're fun, and they make these great choices, and so you just roll with it, you ride that wave, and you just get to adapt with that and improv with that, and that's the stuff that is really just fun," she said. "Between Sami and KO, I am like, 'Am I Sarah? I don't know. ' Like, they'll give me a new name every week."

Schreiber has been with the company for five years now and is currently getting opportunities on the main roster, but her time with WWE started in "WWE NXT." This allowed her the chance to work with a lot of the talents that are currently on WWE "Raw" and WWE "SmackDown" with whom she has built up some important relationships along the way.

"Nikki A.S.H. is one of my best friends in the world ... But she's always a blast because I've known her since NXT days, and she was some of my favorite. Like, we were on the road together. I looked back at pictures, — We've had just five years of stories," she said.

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