Ciampa's WWE Presentation Will Reportedly Change Under Triple H

Viewers could soon be seeing a lot more of the old Ciampa on Monday nights.

According to a recent report from "Fightful Select," Tommaso Ciampa's presentation will be enhanced under the new vision of the head of creative — and professed fan of Ciampa — Triple H. According to the report, Ciampa will be put in more matches to "showcase his abilities," possibly as early as tonight's edition of "WWE Raw."

According to Fightful Select, there was also talk of returning Ciampa to his more-known NXT theme, "No One Will Survive," but no plans have been confirmed as of publication. Ciampa has recently been acting as muscle for The Miz, in a role that has earned the former-NXT Champion considerable praise backstage for his attitude and adaptability since "graduating" from NXT to the red brand.

Ciampa had been outspoken about his desire to stay away from WWE's main roster but had reportedly had a cheerful demeanor since joining, with one source saying Ciampa had been making the most of everything under former Chairman, CEO, & Head of Creative Vince McMahon.

Ciampa was recently involved in Miz's feud with Logan Paul, accompanying the Miz & Mrs. star and Maryse to the ring before Miz's match with the former YouTuber at WWE SummerSlam on July 30th. Ciampa was driven from ringside by the interfering AJ Styles, who has been in a bitter feud with Ciampa for some time now.

Tonight's "Raw" is expected to be a statement episode, as Triple H's new creative direction will be in full swing, and the company even teased Sasha Banks and Naomi for the event in Houston, TX. Former NXT Cruiserweight Champion Santos Escobar has also been hinted at appearing. "WWE Raw" is scheduled for 8 pm ET on the USA Network.