Johnny Gargano Hints At His And Candice LaRae’s Pro Wrestling Future

Former "NXT" Champion Johnny Gargano has not been seen in a wrestling ring in over eight months and his wife, Candice LeRae, has been out of action ever since she and Indi Hartwell lost the "NXT" Women's Tag Team Championships.

With Triple H now in charge of creative on WWE's main roster, some wrestlers may be considering a move back to the company. It's a move they may not have considered if the change of power did not occur. Gargano is among those paying attention to Triple H's recent moves.

"I've seen, I've noticed," Gargano said during an appearance with The Asylum Wrestling Store. "Exciting times all around. Hey, you never know what could happen, if you keep watching, we're going to show up at some point wherever that may be."

Gargano wrestled under Triple H's leadership for the majority of his "NXT" run, minus the last few months when Shawn Michaels took over following a very serious health scare The Game suffered. Under Triple H, Gargano was able to become "NXT's" first-ever Triple Crown Champion and the first-ever, and still to this day only, three-time North American Champion.

Gargano's final year in "NXT" was focused on his role as the father figure of The Way. The heel faction represented a family structure, with Gargano and Candice Lerae as the parents and Indi Hartwell and Austin Theory, now simply known as Theory, as the kids. Over time, the appreciation from the fans started to turn the faction into faces, and that was sealed when, in the storyline, Hartwell married Dexter Lumis, making him the unofficial fifth member of the faction.

"[Dexter]'s a very creepy guy, kudos to him though, he's able to keep a very straight face at all times," Gargano said. "All The Way stuff was very, very fun and something that I'm always going to be very, very proud of, and who knows what can happen in the future now. I mean, we'll see. We'll see how things go."

The faction never made it past "NXT", as LeRae became pregnant with her and Gargano's first child. She gave birth in February and has not wrestled since then. Gargano has stated that he is taking time off to be there for their child, Quill, during his very early stages in life. Gargano last wrestled a match at the "NXT" War Games special in December. Theory has made his way to the main roster and is the current Mr. Money in the Bank. Hartwell is still in "NXT."

Gargano headlined many Takeover events alongside talents such as Adam Cole, Andrade, and his former DIY tag team partner Ciampa. Gargano spoke about a possible DIY reunion.

"Hey, you never know what can happen," Gargano said. "We're living in a crazy world right now. Anything could go down, so you never know what can happen on Mondays or Fridays anymore."

Discounting Live Events, the last time DIY came together was at Worlds Collide 2020 when they took on and defeated the team of Mustache Mountain of NXT UK.

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