Kayla Braxton Explains Her Facial Expressions During WWE Liv Morgan Segment

Liv Morgan is usually cool, calm, and collected, but the current Smackdown Women's Champion lost her cool on fans after they turned hostile toward her.

During Summerslam last Saturday, Morgan would face Ronda Rousey for the SmackDown Women's Championship. The match would come to a close after Rousey locked Morgan in an arm bar. Morgan reversed the submission into a pinning predicament, and as the referee was finishing his three count, Morgan would tap out. The referee didn't see Morgan tap out and completed the pinfall, allowing Morgan to ultimately slip away with her title. Rousey lost it on the official, locking him in an arm bar after the conclusion of the match, which would lead to her getting suspended and fined.

During tonight's edition of "SmackDown", Morgan came down to the ring to address the controversy. As Morgan began talking, a portion of fans in the arena began chanting "you tapped out" at Morgan. Morgan fired back, saying, "I appreciate you calling me out on my s**t," which the live show censored. Morgan then continued on to say she's been feeling a lot of different emotions since Summerslam and explained that her title means everything to her. She said that this would motivate her to sustain three arm bars throughout the course of the match and said that she thought she had tapped out after the three count as some fans booed her.

Ring announcer and backstage interviewer Kayla Braxton, who was in the ring with Morgan at the time, took to Twitter to comment on the whole situation, writing: "For those wondering why I looked annoyed – I was disappointed with the disrespectful chants towards our SD Womens Champion. @YaOnlyLivvOnce is so deserving so hush it when she speaks!"

Morgan would also find out who her opponent for Clash at the Castle is during tonight's show. A Gauntlet Match to determine the new #1 Contender to her title following Rousey's suspension earlier this week. Shayna Baszler would come out on top, defeating Sonya Deville, Aliyah, Raquel Rodriguez, Shotzi, Xia Li and Natalya. While Rodriguez would dominate most of the match, Baszler managed to lock in the Kirifuda Clutch on her, dragging her down to the mat and turning the submission into a pin as Rodriguez began to fade.