Has Vince McMahon Attended Any WWE Meetings Since Stepping Down?

The notion that former WWE CEO & Chairman Vince McMahon is still overseeing the wrestling promotion – from the shadows – has been suggested by not just conspiracy theorists and fans, but also former WWE Champions CM Punk and Bobby Lashley. While Punk scoffed at the idea of McMahon surrendering control of WWE, Lashley suggested in a recent interview that his former boss will still have creative influence in the direction of WWE programming.


However, the ground reality appears to be vastly different. According to Mike Johnson of PWInsider, McMahon has not been to WWE Headquarters in Stamford, CT since his retirement/resignation and has not attended any meetings or had any company-related communication. Furthermore, McMahon has been removed from both the internal list of performers and the entirety of the company's corporate structure.

The report added that one specific question that a lot of WWE employees have inquired about is whether McMahon still has access to the gym in Titan Tower. However, no one within WWE has heard of him physically going there.

McMahon is currently under investigation by not just WWE's Board of Directors, but also federal prosecutors and the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) for a series of payments he made between 2006 to 2022. As such, the idea of McMahon still operating behind the scenes for a publicly traded company would be illegal, and if word of him still being involved in day-to-day processes would be outed, "all would break loose on a criminal level," added PWInsider's report. One source within WWE told the publication that the new corporate structure of the company is laid out with "lots of checks and balances" to prevent McMahon from having any influence.


PWInsider's report seemed to echo an earlier Fightful Select report, which cited several WWE sources in noting that McMahon is no longer pulling the strings within the wrestling promotion.