Triple H Did Not Know ‘Who The F*ck’ Logan Paul Was

If you have trouble telling the Paul brothers apart, you're not alone.

In a recent interview on "Impaulsive" with Logan Paul, Triple H let the viral sensation know exactly what his initial level of awareness of him was.

"'Who the f*ck is that?'" Triple H chuckled. "'Who?'" Paul's co-host egged Triple H on, describing Logan as "not the demo."

"Yeah, no offense," Triple H laughed, "It's funny because sometimes people talk about our business like 'ah well, I watched a little bit when I was a kid.' That means 'I never watch' and they don't want to offend me." According to Triple H, this is how he felt about the Paul brothers.

Triple H credits his kids' media consumption for putting Logan and his younger brother Jake on The Game's radar. "These dudes are massive," Triple H realized, "and I have kids and they're watching all this stuff... so now you start hearing people talk about it, whereas if I'd heard people talking about it before I wouldn't have ever paid attention to it."

The WWE Hall of Famer says that he's seen "a million celebrities" over the years that want to "hitch their wagon" to WWE, saying they "'want to do it so bad,'" imitating the kinds of pitches he's heard. But according to Triple H, "as soon as they hit the mat, 'so I was thinking maybe I could help out with commentary or do something else? Because that shit hurts.'"

"They just don't get it," he concluded.

Triple H said that Paul was like Bad Bunny, as both men came into WWE "invested in it," and credits that investment with Paul's standout performances at WrestleMania and SummerSlam.

"To do what you did," Triple H professed, "it's like Bad Bunny, same thing, and I don't give this easy. Respect in our business is tough to get." Triple H noted that neither he nor Undertaker or anyone else "at the top" gives respect easily. "You gotta earn it, and you earned my respect, big time. Bad Bunny earned my respect, big time."

Triple H cites Paul and Bunny's willingness to go to bed thinking about WWE, then waking up thinking about WWE, not just "putting in the motions" at the gym for a couple of hours.

Helping people that are really invested in wrestling get better is a passion of Triple H's, "It's the greatest gig in the world."

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