Freddie Prinze Jr. Names AEW All Out Match That Saved First Part Of The Show

Though AEW's "All Out" pay-per-view was packed with notable moments, not everyone enjoyed the entire show. Actor and former WWE writer Freddie Prinze Jr. took to his podcast to share his thoughts on the first half of the event.

"I don't like saying bad things. I will say this. I didn't enjoy a match until Keith Lee and Swerve Strickland took on The Acclaimed."

Prinze Jr., speaking with co-host and comedian Jeff Dye, specifically complimented Lee's power and size, and credits the match with making the first part of the show worth watching. Prinze Jr. went on to highlight the performance of Bryan Danielson and Chris Jericho, as well as the backstage segment that followed between Jericho and Daniel Garcia. The actor sees this as a potential sink-or-swim moment for Garcia.

"This is a legit story for him to take advantage of and be something," Prinze Jr. said. "We'll know by the end of this if he has what it takes because they're not booking this bad. They're booking this well."

As for the Casino Ladder Match, Prinze Jr. was not a fan.

"I hate these matches. People get hurt. ... Everybody's trying to outdo it, so it gets more dangerous every time one of these matches gets done. I hate it so much."

It seems Prinze Jr. enjoyed the latter half of the show more, praising the aftermath of the main event and the return of MJF. However, Prinze Jr. expressed dissatisfaction with the events of the post-show media scrum and the fact that it's taken attention away from MJF's big moment.

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