Booker T Points Out Irony In Some Of CM Punk's Post-AEW All Out Comments

The suspensions of The Elite, CM Punk, and more involved in the recent bedlam following AEW All Out 2022 have been the hottest topic in the wrestling world, with fans and insiders giving their opinions on the situation and who they believe was in the wrong. While he didn't take either party's side on the situation, Booker T did have choice words regarding CM Punk and what he believes was hypocrisy from the former AEW World Champion.


On the most recent episode of Hall of Fame, Booker T stated that he isn't sure that Punk practices what he preached at the post-All Out Press Conference. Talking about Punk's frustrations that younger talents were unwilling to take advice from veterans, Booker called Punk out for the same behavior. "He's one of the main guys who doesn't take advice!" Booker said, continuing by saying the way Punk effectively took credit for various successes of AEW was unbecoming of a top guy. Booker continued, "You think that's the advice that's coming from any of the veterans that worked before him?"

Booker continued to express his feelings towards Punks actions, saying "sometimes the star gotta bring everybody else up. The star gotta give everybody else the rub ... I don't remember any AEW guy getting the rub."


Booker used MJF, the only singles blemish on Punk's AEW career, as evidence. Booker thought about how Punk addressed MJF, saying, "MJF made his big return, confronts CM Punk, and in the presser, Punk is asked a question about MJF, and he answers that question in about ten seconds. He said, 'we'll cross that bridge when we get to it, next question.'" The reason for such a response could be due to Punk's now confirmed tricep injury making Punk unsure about his future in the company. Booker reinforced the necessity of trust in situations like these, concluding by saying, "you gotta be able to trust these guys."