Kenny Omega Spotted For First Time Since AEW All Out Melee

It's hard to believe it's only been a week since Kenny Omega won the AEW World Trios Championships with his good pals, the Young Bucks, at AEW All Out. It's even harder to believe what came after that — a backstage brawl between the Bucks, Omega, Ace Steel, and then-AEW World Champion CM Punk, which reportedly saw Omega get bitten, have his hair pulled, and possibly even save Punk's dog.


Naturally, Omega was nowhere to be seen this past Wednesday on "AEW Dynamite," and he and the Bucks were suspended and stripped of the AEW Trios titles as AEW looks to put the pieces together on what exactly happened in the bowels of the NOW Arena. But those looking for a good sign regarding Omega's AEW future can take solace in the fact that he appears to be in Japan for the upcoming Tokyo Game Show convention, at least judging from a tweet by Japanese wrestling apparel company HAOMING, which tweeted video of Omega in their offices.

"Kenny?!" the account tweeted.

Also happy to see Omega in Japan is Yuka Sakazaki, the AEW/Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling star who was recruited to the promotion by Omega when AEW was formed in 2019.


"Yeah yeah yeah yeah!?" Sakazaki tweeted.

The Tokyo Game Show convention, or TGS for short, is scheduled to begin on September 15, and will feature "AEW Fight Forever," the promotion's upcoming video game. Omega had been scheduled to appear at the convention representing AEW prior to the incident following All Out last weekend. His presence in Japan and at the convention could suggest that Omega isn't expected to face severe punishment for his role in the brawl.