Vickie Guerrero Is Jealous Of The Work WWE Star Is Doing On Raw

Vickie Guerrero has revealed her thoughts about the work that WWE "Raw" Superstar Dominik Mysterio has done with The Judgment Day as of late.

"I'm really jealous of what Dominik's doing right now on 'Raw,'" Guerrero admitted on "Captain's Corner." "I know Rhea Ripley is doing a good job, but I had Dom first. I'm just saying. Who knows what would happen if I was ever to manage him, but right now, I'm in AEW. I'm really happy with what they're doing. It's a fun storyline and I'm getting a kick out of it. They're doing a great job."


Guerrero worked with Dominik back in 2005 as part of the feud between Rey and her late husband, Eddie. Dominik was at the center of the storyline, with Eddie claiming that he was his real father. This led to an infamous custody match between the men at SummerSlam, in which Rey ultimately came out on top.

Rhea Ripley and the rest of The Judgment Day made several appeals to Dominik in an attempt to get him to join the group but were unsuccessful. During Clash at the Castle, Dominik came to the ring to seemingly celebrate the win for his father and Edge over The Judgment Day's Finn Balor and Damian Priest. However, Rey and Edge were in for a shock as Dominik launched an attack on both of them. Dominik then debuted a new look on the following "Raw" and Ripley re-introduced him to the world. Dominik then faced off against Edge this past Monday, where the match ended in a no contest.


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