AEW Games Thanks Tokyo Game Show 2022

Tokyo Game Show 2022 has come and gone, and AEW's presence was notable throughout the convention's four-day duration. Promoting the upcoming video game "AEW Fight Forever," the Tony Khan-led company presented their video game to Japanese fans firsthand for the first time ever. The event took place in Chiba, Japan, and featured a THQNordic booth that advertised the upcoming game. AEW also hosted multiple exhibition matches for the live audience, featuring AEW stars like Christopher Daniels and Konosuke Takeshita, as well as other members of DDT Pro Wrestling, TJPW, and Gatoh Move taking part in the action on Day 2, Day 3, and Day 4 of the convention.

Tokyo Game Show 2022, which was commemorated on Twitter by the official AEW Games account, marked only the second time that a playable demo of "Fight Forever" has been accessible to the public. The first was just a month ago at Gamescon 2022 in Germany, where the game won the award for best sports/racing game. This playable demo has led some fans to speculate that the game is nearing the final stages of its development, though the "AEW Fight Forever" release date is still undetermined at this time.

Kenny Omega, the game's creative director, was unfortunately absent from the event due to his suspension suffered following the All Out press conference on September 6. Kenny is currently in Japan, however, and he's even participated in other video game-related endeavors while there. During his recent stay in Japan, Omega notably paid a visit to SEGA headquarters to get scanned for an upcoming game in the "Yakuza" series.