New MJF Shirt Released

AEW star Maxwell Jacob Friedman is a constant lightning rod for controversy. His newest shirt design, which is meant to appeal to his most diehard fans, should ensure that does not change anytime soon.  


MJF began referring to himself as "the Devil" earlier this year at the start of his feud with CM Punk. The moniker was a callback to a specific Ring of Honor promo Punk cut in 2005. Punk said then, "The greatest thing the Devil ever did was make you people believe he didn't exist, and you're looking at him right now." MJF would go on to rephrase Punk's words and adopt "the devil" for himself in advance of their Dog Collar Match at AEW Revolution.

After disappearing from AEW for several months following Double or Nothing, Friedman made a surprise return at All Out. With a lot of help and plenty of secrecy, a masked MJF — sporting a devil facade — would enter the Casino Ladder Match in the Joker slot and emerge victorious with the title match poker chip in hand.  At the close of the show, said devil would reveal his true identity as MJF.  


As always with all things MJF, fan reaction to the new shirt has been divided with some claiming they would not feel comfortable wearing the shirt. "Uh, might be a bridge too far," shared one Twitter user. Another added, "Thought this would just be a short-lived [moniker.] Done being a fan. This is where I draw the line. Others, however, seem more than willing to embrace MJF's trollish ways. "Gonna wear this one to church," claimed one supporter, with another remarking, "I already warned my religious mother that I will be getting this shirt."