Original Plans For Recent Drew McIntyre Fireball Spot On WWE SmackDown

During the latest episode of "WWE SmackDown" Drew McIntyre was involved in a fireball spot that didn't quite go to plan, with Scarlett's attempt to burn his face missing the former WWE Champion. He and Karrion Kross continued the brawl after that, with the latter eventually choking McIntyre with his Kross Jacket finisher, but it was not the original plan for the segment according to Dave Meltzer during the latest "Wrestling Observer Radio."

The fireball was supposed to hit McIntyre in the face, which he would have then sold, with doctors coming down to check on him to increase the drama. Because it didn't hit him properly the decision was made to continue the angle, and while the following fight was largely called in the ring, it wasn't all impromptu. There was concern heading into the segment because Scarlett was using a fire gun, which isn't what WWE usually does for these spots, so there was an understanding between the three people involved that there might have been a need to continue the angle. 

That is why McIntyre paused for a second after realizing it didn't work as it was supposed to, but it is not clear whether or not the low blow from Scarlett was planned ahead of time. The situation may not have worked out perfectly, but it was effective in the overall aim of setting up a strap match between McIntyre and Kross for the upcoming premium live event WWE Extreme Rules.

McIntyre was also battling through serious food poisoning on Friday, which led to him receiving IV treatment throughout the day, as he was then pulled from the weekend live event loop. However, Meltzer noted that McIntyre is now doing better, and was even back inside the gym working out.