Damian Priest Teases Celebrity Joining The Judgment Day

The Judgment Day currently sits at four members: former United States Champion Damian Priest, former Universal Champion Finn Balor, former Raw Women's Champion Rhea Ripley, and Dominik Mysterio, the son of Rey Mysterio, the newest member of Judgment Day. The group has a dark aura, its members commonly sporting black attire with hints of purple. There is no single leader of the faction, and they have been attempting to recruit others. While talking to WrestleRant, Priest teased a celebrity joining The Judgment Day.

"Bad Bunny could be a part of Judgment Day," Priest said. "Who knows, right? So, you know, he has a bad side to him, it's in the name. So, but come what may, you know, as far as he's concerned it's good business. You know, the guy is a megastar and he's a pro and he's earned the respect and right to perform with us, you know? He earned that ... In any which role I could work with him, I welcome him."

The list of wrestlers that Priest would be interested in having join The Judgment Day does not stop with his former teammate Bad Bunny. Priest revealed who else he would welcome with open arms into The Judgment Day. "First one that comes to mind is Raquel [Rodriguez]," Priest continued. He added that  AJ Styles would be a "perfect pick" to join Judgment Day, saying the two had gotten along well before Edge caused them to feud. Priest also added Drew McIntyre's name to the list of potential candidates.

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