Renee Paquette Recently Watched Jon Moxley Wrestle Live For First Time In Two Years

This year's "Dynamite: Grand Slam" was a massive event for AEW, and, with it came a number of big moments to help shift the direction of the company a bit following the fallout of All Out. Several new champions were crowned at Arthur Ashe Stadium, including Jon Moxley winning his third AEW World Championship in the main event. And, for once, Moxley's wife – Renée Paquette — was there to see it, as she explained on "The Sessions with Renée Paquette."

"I was out there for Saraya's stuff, and then Jon and Bryan were out there immediately after," Paquette said on the podcast. "I had not seen Jon wrestle in probably two years, because I always — anytime I'm there, I have the baby with me, and then I have to leave the building by about 5:00-5:30." She added, "It was really nice to like, actually enjoy the show and like, just be there as a person and to get to hang out with people."

Moxley has been on an incredible run as of late, with two of his three AEW World Title reigns coming this year as well as holding the Interim World Championship for a stretch. Paquette shared some love for it all while calling attention to his program with Chris Jericho. "I feel like [Moxley] is one of the things that's purely great about professional wrestling. The work he puts in, the work he does for himself to always stay sharp, to continually have these great matches, and like, great opponents." She continued, "I really love what him and Chris [Jericho] did. Like him and Chris, Chris coming out as 'Lionheart' Chris Jericho, like — who saw that coming? Who knew that would be a great thing in 2022? But a testament to Chris himself. Like, man, he's so great at reinventing himself."

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