Sean Waltman Gives Update On His Status With WWE

Sean "X-Pac" Waltman has hit a stride in his life.

Waltman recently took part in a Q&A episode of "X-Pac Live" for AdFreeShows. During the show, Waltman was asked about the possibility of joining his D-Generation X compatriots backstage in WWE. After all, Triple H is WWE Chief Content Officer, Shawn Michaels is a WWE VP in charge of WWE's "NXT" brand and the developmental program, and Road Dogg is the Senior Vice President of Live Events


"I like to just come in once in a while," Waltman said, "like we're gonna be doing on October 10th at the Barclay's Center, little appearances like that. I go and do the Comic-Con and other appearances ... It's very stress-free how my life is right now."

Waltman says he doesn't see himself "getting on a plane" just to deal with the creative pressures of WWE backstage life. "Sometimes it can get very combative," Waltman chuckled, describing the clash of opinions that can occur backstage. "I just assume to stay slightly removed from all that." 

"I don't think they really need me to be honest with myself," Waltman confessed, "Not that I don't have anything to offer ... I wouldn't mind doing something that wouldn't require a huge commitment." 


Waltman continued on stating that he's more likely to listen to the younger talent than actually give advice himself, noting his wild past. "I just like how my life is right now."